Tasting Boxes Launched March 2021

Most everyone has their favorite coffee. Whether its Mexico Chiapas, Ethiopia Shakiso, Runners High or something else its great to know that you can get an exceptional coffee with a consistent roast from week to week and month to month and rely on your coffee to always taste as it should.

We have always been in the business of helping people discover the complexities and variety of coffees that come from different countries, regions, and farms around the world. Armed with the desire to continue our exploration of coffee, and to bring our customers along to experience it with us, we developed the Monthly Tasting Box.

We wanted to do something for our customers that allowed them to get a real taste of the variety of coffee out there without having to walk away from their favorite morning go-to brew.

So with that we brought you The Tasting Box. Each month we hand select 6 different coffees with the goal of showcasing and contrasting the vast array of exceptional coffees in the world. 


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