COVID-19 (Coronavirus) shares similarities to a Tyrannosaurus Rex researchers say

Researchers have identified multiple startling similarities between the prehistoric Tyrannosaurus Rex (T-Rex) and Coronavirus (COVID-19). 

According to The South China Post, the first case of Coronavirus can be traced back to November 17th, 2019. The (up to) 31,000-pound giant Tyrannosaurus Rex lived between 66 and 68 million years ago. While there are approximately 66 to 68 million years separating these two, researchers have linked the two in several startling ways. 

First, both Coronavirus and Tyrannosaurus Rex are known to cause fear in anyone who comes into contact with or even thinks about coming into contact with either of them. 

Next, research shows that both T-Rex and Coronavirus have extremely poor vision. So, experts are recommending that people stay indoors and that no one moves. If you don't move they can't see you. 

Third, research has found that Tyrannosaurus Rex has become extinct and Coronavirus threatens to cause the extinction of many small businesses like ours. 

Finally, researchers agree that there is no way of determining if T-Rex or Coronavirus like coffee. But we love coffee and we would love to help you love your coffee even more than you already do! 

Now, all jokes aside Coronavirus is a very serious matter and many precautions are being taken to help prevent the spread of this virus. And while these precautions are good for minimizing the spread of Coronavirus it has had a devastating impact on small businesses who rely on daily customer traffic or large events to survive. Our small specialty coffee roasting company is no exception. We have seen a significant decline in traffic to our cafe and every one of our catering events for March, April, and May have been canceled. We, like the rest of the country, are hoping for this all to pass soon with as minimal impact as possible so we can get back to normal. 

Now, If you love coffee and you want to help our small business weather this storm consider buying a bag of our fresh roasted coffee and we will ship it right to your door. Our selection can be found HERE. We pride ourselves on roasting some of the best coffee in the world so we are confident you won't be disappointed. If coffee is not your thing you can always get yourself a Dinosaur T-Shirt HERE, guaranteed to bring you a smile to anyone who sees you wearing it from 6' away. If neither of these are great options for you, consider giving this post a share on social media which will also be a great help to us. 

Stay safe and healthy during this time.

Thank you so much,

Ian Boyle


Good Sense Coffee


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