March Tasting Box Coffees

March was our first tasting box and boy was it a good one!

March's Box Included:

El Salvador - Santa Ana: A light roast washed processed coffee from Santa Ana El Salvador. Pronounced sugar flavors, good body and floral, fruit & honey.

Sumatra - Pantan Musara - A natural processed  light/medium roast coffee from Pantan Musara Sumatra.  Wild and very complex with pronounced fruit tones, a heavy & rustic body, and a blend of sugars, berries and cocoa.

Honduras - El Sauce - A washed processed medium/dark roast coffee from El Sauce, Santa Barbara Honduras. Big body and rich cocoa. Dark Chocolate and hints of caramel and nut.

Ethiopia - Uraga -  A light roast washed processed coffee from Uraga, Guji Ethiopia. Strong body and pronounced floral, fruit and citrus flavors.

Burundi - Mutambu - A medium roast washed processed coffee from Mutambu, Bujumbura Burundi. Chocolatey with a rich body some berry notes and hints of spice.

Brazil - Pedralva -  A medium roast natural processed coffee from Padralva, Minas Gerais Brazil. Pronounced bittersweetness, hints of molasses and pronounced nutty flavors.  


If you were able to enjoy our March Tasting Box we hope you had a lot of fun and enjoyed the experience. To order this months Tasting Box click HERE