Papua New Guinea - Fair Trade Organic

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This is a Limited release "Summer of 2022" coffee. Only 150 pounds available.

"Roots #1 Farmers Association is a cooperative of about 1,590 smallholder producers from the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea: The association was started by farmer Tony Tokah in 2012 in an attempt to organize members of his community to deliver coffee more cost-effectively and share resources. Most farmers here don't have coffee "farms" but rather coffee "gardens," very small plots of land on which they grow the crops they need for the household as well as to sell for income."

This coffee felt like a Farmers market collaboration. We really fell in love with the concept of micro farms and gardens that provide for the individual farmers family. Just like a small hobby farm that provides food and income for the family that operates it. The flavor was savory and clean compared to some PNG coffees we have sampled and was very enjoyable as a great quality "every day" brew. 


Full City (Medium) Roast this coffee is Sweet and savory with tangy fruit acidity, praline, vegetal and citrus fruit flavors.

Origin Papua New Guinea
Region Okapa
Farm Roots #1 Cooperative
Variety Arusha, Typica, Mundo Novo
Altitude 1,600–2,200 masl
Proc. Method Washed


Certifications: Fair Trade,  Organic