Holiday Tasting box - FULL BAGS now Available

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Had so much fun with this project this year and we have been enjoying the fruits of our labor since mid December (mostly pour over but also dabbling in some espresso shots with these coffees as well). 

Sadly for us we did not perfectly predict the future and have 10 pounds of extra coffee from each of the 6 tasting box coffees. 

We plan to do a tasting box last 10# roast day on January 31 where we will roast and ship these great coffees to anyone who purchases a full bag here. 

So if you ordered a tasting box and have a favorite coffee you can order a full bag (or two or three) of that coffee to get you through February. We will ship these February 1st. 

We are bringing back the tasting boxes for the holidays!!! and making it BIGGER


This year our Holiday Tasting box includes 6 different 4oz bags of hand selected unique coffees from around the world. This tasting box will take you on a world tour of everything from, coffees that highlight the classic flavors of a specific region, to the uniquely wild coffees that are sure to surprise and please. We will be sourcing all these coffees  small farms and co-ops around the world.


Coffee 1: Sumatra Giling Basah Aceh Bebesen Aulia - Earth, Rustic, Herbal - 88pt

Coffee 2: Kenya Nyeri Gatugi AA - Fruit, Berry, Citrus - 89.7pt

Coffee 3: Papua New Guinea Baroida estate - Rustic, Sugary, Cocoa  - 87.1pt 

Coffee 4: 

Ethiopia Dry Process Buno Dambi Uddo - Body, Fruit, Berry, Cocoa - 92pt

Coffee 5: 

Guatemala Acatenango Gesha - Floral, Cirtus, Sugar, Cocoa - 93pt

Coffee 6:  

Timor Leste Honey Process Daurfusu - Rustic, fruit, cocoa - 87.1pt 


PLEASE NOTE: Tasting boxes (and All other coffee/items  in your tasting box order) will be roasted, packaged and shipped out on December 13th. Orders received after December 13th will be shipped as they come in! 

If you want other items shipped sooner please place a separate order. Thank you 😊 

We hope you enjoy!