Costa Rica - León Cortés

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This coffee is being replaced with our Costa Rica El Pilon which will be available mid May 2020

The Community Coffee program with CoopeTarrazu has made a real impact on the communities which deliver cherry to this mill. This program has allowed us to pay a quality premium that the individual communities receive and decide as a group how the money will be used to improve their coffee production and their livelihood. We have seen the premiums used to build roads, build large water tanks to store fresh water for the community, building roofs for the children’s schools, and many other projects that have had a direct impact on these communities. This program has motivated these producers to keep upping their quality, and we are very excited to see that this year’s harvest has been very impressive.

 City+ (Medium) Roast 

Tasting notes: Mild, Sweet and Clean. Lemon and Nutty Aftertaste

Origin Costa Rica
León Cortés 
La Trinidad Community
Altitude 1,600 - 1,750 masl
Proc. Method Washed