Burundi - Ngozi - SUMMER 23 Coffee

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Welcome to Coffee 4 of our Summer Coffee Series. 

This coffee comes to us from the Rimiro Washing station. We have elected to keep the roast on the lighter side highlighting the Tart citric acidity, mild sweetness, clove, and cocoa flavors of the coffee. 

The Rimiro washing station in Burundi includes roughly 1500 small producing families that deliver cherry to the washing station, although only 10 live on the hill itself. Each producer is quite small, having only just over 200 trees each. This washing station can process over 1300 metric tons of cherry per season. The Rimiro washing station also does some important capacity building with the farmers it works with including cattle and livestock education and agronomy education. 

Origin Burundi
Region Ngozi
Farm Rimiro Washing station
Variety Bourbon 
Altitude 1,650–1,950 masl
Proc. Method Natural