Burundi - Karuzi

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This is a Limited release "Summer of 2022" coffee. Only 150 pounds available.


We stumbled on this coffee while sampling some Indonesian coffees. I have not sampled a lot of Burundi coffees and wanted to give a few a try. While blind tasting this coffee stood out from the rest and after reveling what the coffee was I knew we had to include it in our Summer of 2022 selection. This coffee comes from the Nkoronko Washing Station which has multiple small contributing farms that bring their harvest to the washing station for washing and drying. 


Full City (Medium) Roast this coffee is Sweet and savory with tart acidity, grapefruit, fresh coffee cherry, praline and cascade hops flavor.

Origin Burundi
Region Karuzi
Farm Multiple Small Farms
Variety Bourbon
Altitude 1,580 masl
Proc. Method Washed