Honduras La Esquinada Farm - Fair Trade Organic

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This is a Limited release "Winter of 2022" coffee. Only 150 pounds available.

Another coffee with a focus on small farms. This coffee sold out quickly, by the time we got out samples and tried it there was only one bag left and we snagged it before this gem was gone. This coffee comes from Juan José Ventura who owns and operates a 2.5 acre farm that's planted with about 4,000 coffee shrubs.  For this Honey process, the coffee is harvested ripe and depulped the following day, then fermented for 25 hours dry. It's spread in solar driers and dried for up to 30 days. 

Full City (Medium) Sweet and Clean. Some citric acidity, praline, almond and lavender flavors. 

Origin Honduras
La Esquinada
Farm Juan Jose Ventura
Variety IHCAFE90
Altitude 1,750 masl
Proc. Method Anaerobic Honey


Certifications: Fair Trade,  Organic