Ethiopia - Yirgacheffe

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This coffee comes from the Gelana Abaya washing station in the district of Abaya, within Yirgacheffe Ethiopia. Ethiopia has a legendary status as the 'birthplace' of Arabica coffee and this coffee is an outstanding example of a wonderful Natural processed Yirgacheffe. 

Until recently, coffee grown by smallholders and co-ops in Ethiopia were required to be sold through the ECX, where lots were classified by general region, quality (Grade 1–5), and escaped of most of their traceability. In March of 2017, the prime minister of Ethiopia approved a reform allowing co-operatively owned washing stations to export their coffee directly, which allows for separation of top coffee lots, higher prices for farmers, and increased recognition for the best quality coffees in Ethiopia. We are excited to Recognize Gelanda Abaya and to offer them quality-based pricing which rewards them for their efforts and hard work producing exceptional coffee. 


Roast Profile: City (Light)

Tasting notes: Sweet with crisp fruit acidity, smooth mouthfeel, Lots of berry and dry red wine flavors followed by floral, cocoa caramel and blueberry. 

Origin Ethiopia
Region Yirgacheffe
Farm Various smallholder farmers
Variety Heirloom Ethiopian varieties
Altitude 1,795-2,150 masl
Proc. Method Natural
Harvest Schedule November 2017-January 2018