Colombia El Tambo

Colombia El Tambo

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ASMUCAFE stands for Asociación de Mujeres Agropecuarias de Uribe, an organization of women farmers and landowners in El Tambo, a municipality within Cauca. The women’s mission as an association is to improve their families’ quality of life through coffee farming, and to contribute positively to their community by working together and sharing resources, knowledge, and support. “Our work is determined by our values such as responsibility, honesty, commitment, respect, solidarity, and competitiveness,” they say.

This is a washed coffee: The coffee, all of which is of Castillo or Colombia variety, is picked as purple (Castillo) or bright red (Colombia) cherry and undergoes a unique "double" fermentation process. As the women describe it: First, the cherries are left in the loading hoppers for 14 hours, then they are depulped in the afternoons and evening hours and placed into traditional open fermentation tanks for another 10 hours. Then they are washed three to four times before being dried either in parabolic dryers or in the sun for 8–12 days

City+ (Light) Roast 

Tasting notes: Tart citric acidity, toffee & rich cocoa flavors

Origin Colombia
Region Cauca
Altitude 1,850-1,900 masl
Proc. Method Washed