Costa Rica - El Pilon Micromill

Costa Rica - El Pilon Micromill

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El Pilon Micromill is owned and operated by Edgar Ureña, one of three brothers who have been coffee producers for their entire lives. 

Their Natural process coffees always comprise only the very best, ripest cherry: They utilize a tank and piping system in order to not only do a quick and thorough float sort, but also to divert the damaged and defective beans out of the way using gravity and the force of the water. This method has improved the brothers' quality tremendously since they began producing Naturals in the early 2010s.

Edgar is particularly detail-oriented, making sure he walks among the drying beds at El Pilon constantly to inspect the coffee; he rarely stops sorting and picking out less-than-perfect cherries as he passes by. It is this attention to detail and the quality of this coffee that made us so excited to offer it here at Good Sense Coffee. 

We hope you enjoy this wonderful coffee and can appreciate the dedication and hard work that Edgar Ureña has put into farming it.  

City (Loght) Roast 

Tasting notes: Sweet with big tart citric acidity and a smooth mouthfeel; lemon and cocoa flavors.

Country Costa Rica
Region San Isidro, León Cortés
Farm San Francisco
Proc. Method Natural